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An amazing new teaser for Disney’s The BFG, starring Ruby Barnhill, Bill Hader and Mark Rylance, has landed online, and it comes to me totally unexpected! Based on the popular Roald Dahl book, and directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, this story tells us of a Big Friendly Giant than takes a little girl away off to “the wonders and perils of Giant Country.” It hits theaters next summer. Check it out after the jump!

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We haven’t received a trailer for DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for quite some time. Today we finally received the latest, and it really looks great! Check it out below!

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Peter Jackson

When Guillermo del Toro left the director’s chair on The Hobbit trilogy, Peter Jackson stepped up and took the reins once again for Middle Earth and decided to direct. This posed a huge problem for Jackson and his team of designers and writers, and put a tremendous amount of pressure on everyone because Jackson’s vision differed greatly from del Toro’s. They basically had to redesign the films all over again, essentially throwing out a year and a half’s work of pre-production time out the window. What this meant for Jackson was that he was not able to have that same amount of prep time for his version of the films, and the vast majority of the time he had to wing it on set.

Now that the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has finally been released, one of the special features on this release chronicles what it was like for the director, as well as the designers and writers to go through this trial of getting these films completed in light of what happened. A segment of the video has gone viral, with many movie sites claiming this is Jackson owning up to the reason why The Hobbit films were supposedly “a mess.”

I argue the exact opposite. Watch the video below first, and then we’ll dive in!

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Force Awakens_Han Solo

So, after three years of waiting (or three decades for many), Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is finally hitting theaters this December. EPISODE VII!!!!! The SEQUEL to Return of the Jedi! The expectations surrounding this film are unprecedented. Not since the hype leading up to Episode I back in the late 90s has Star Wars fandom been at this level of excitement. For many, The Force Awakens means that they may finally get everything they ever wanted in a new Star Wars film after not having gotten their wish with the prequels. For others, it simply means they’re getting yet another movie (followed by many more) in a franchise they’ve never stopped loving.

Whatever the case, while the hype machine has been toned down drastically compared to that of The Phantom Menace in terms of marketing (I think Lucasfilm learned their lesson there), the expectations are still at a fever pitch. There really needs to be some damage control ahead of time if we’re to appreciate The Force Awakens as a Star Wars film, as well as on its own merits.

Let’s call ourselves what we are: Star Wars fans are insane. Loveable, to be sure, but insane nonetheless. We need to take a few steps back and keep this insanity in check. It all starts and ends with expectation.

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Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

When the first short teaser for director J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens hit the web last year on Black Friday, it practically broke the internet with fan speculation: “Why is John Boyega in that Storm Trooper armor?” “Why is he breathing so hard?” “Where is Daisy Ridley going on that speeder?” “What is up with that new lightsaber?” “Oh! The Millennium Falcon!” We had been craving to see this footage ever since Episodes VII-IX were announced in 2012, so anything we got to see was big news.

Then of course the second trailer that debuted at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California last April took that wonderful teaser and stomped on it with even better footage that tugged all the right strings of wonder and nostalgia, and made grown men cry with our first look at Harrison Ford as Han Solo, uttering the words “Chewie, we’re home.”

So I’ve been asking myself how in the world this third trailer can top that. Not that I didn’t believe it could, but I’ve been wondering for months what the next trailer could show us that that would just bring it home and send us all into utter Star Wars fanboy madness. Let’s just say that, while nothing in this new trailer tops Han Solo’s moment in the last trailer, this new one packs quite a punch, and gives us something on par with that moment…

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Because their stories exist within the realm of imagination, sci-fi and fantasy movies allow directors to explore their creativity to the fullest. The future can be anything they imagine it to be.

Most of us are familiar with the works of Ridley Scott (Alien), James Cameron (The Terminator) and other visionary film directors. But they all owe a large debt to one of the true auteurs of the genre, German expressionist director Fritz Lang. Combining an enticing aesthetic sensibility with bold and mostly accurate predictions about the future, Lang’s films achieved widespread critical acclaim and are still widely studied and enjoyed by film aficionados to this day.

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Victor Frankenstein

The first U.S. and U.K. trailers for director Paul McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein have hit the web, and they both definitely depict a dark, yet fun take on the Frankenstein story for a modern audience. As Collider pointed out, this appears to be very reminiscent of the tone and sense of adventure that Guy Ritchie’s take on Sherlock Holmes first brought to the screen back in 2009, as I’m sure you’ll agree once you watch the trailers. However, the film does appear to be darker of course, fitting the subject matter perfectly. As a die-hard fan of the classic Universal Monsters, this actually looks really good!

Hit the jump to check out both trailers!

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For fans of The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen were absolute fan favorites. Everyone loved them. They were funny, geeky, smart, paranoid, and always able to get Mulder and Scully out of a pickle. They debuted in the latter half of Season One, and were with the show until the very end. They even had a short-lived spinoff series of their own for a season, but it was unfortunately canceled. Soon after, in the final season of The X-Files, there story came to a close… or so we thought!

EW is reporting that actor Dean Haglund, “Langly” of The Lone Gunmen, has revealed via Twitter than they are indeed returning for the new series next year. Read on to find out more on the return of The Lone Gunmen in The X-Files revival series!

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Jurassic World clones

By definition, clones are exact genetic replicas of an original organism. It can happen one of two ways: naturally, as in with identical twins or engineered in a controlled laboratory setting. Hollywood and pop culture tend to prefer the latter, whether human or animal, and generally relies on science fiction rather than scientific fact.

The concept of genetic manipulation in film and television go way back such as in Sleeper (1973) and The Boys From Brazil (1978) but recent examples have also made their way into our current culture. Jurassic World explores the consequences of bringing back an extinct species while Orphan Black delves into the complex world of human cloning. As fascinating as it is, the process of genetic engineering is often portrayed negatively, as with “evil twin” tropes seen everywhere on television.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 STAR WARS

Last night, Star Wars fans from around the world were able to check out the behind-the-scenes video reel that played at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Star Wars panel, and it was awesome. Now, thanks to io9, we can also check out some of the highlights from the panel itself! Hit the jump to watch over 10 minutes of footage from the panel (Update: Lucasfilm has now released the full panel online, embedded below for your viewing pleasure)!

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