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christopher lee

After a long and prolific career and very full life, legendary actor Chrisopher Lee has died at the ripe old age of 93. It has been reported that he was admitted to Westminster Hospital in London for “respiratory problems and heart failure,” and passed away soon after on Sunday morning, June 7th. His wife, former Danish model Gitte Kroenckemost, informed the press that she wanted to allow enough time for family to receive the news before making it public. Read on for more on the career of one of the most seasoned actors of our time.

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Warwick Davis Wicket

Say what you want about the ewoks, these furry little guys are among my very first memories of seeing a Star Wars film, and those memories are ones I’m quite fond of. I was three years old when I first saw Return of the Jedi in 1983, and even though I don’t remember my first viewing that well, the star ewok character “Wicket” has always stuck with me. I even had a stuffed “Wicket” to snuggle every night before bed back then (awwwww…).

It has been confirmed for a while now that Warwick Davis, the actor who played Wicket, will indeed return for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, but we haven’t been told yet who his character will be. Since Return of the Jedi, he has already returned to the franchise for The Phantom Menace back in 1999, playing two different characters (Anakin’s little Rodian friend “Wald,” and a spectator at the Pod Race). So it wasn’t necessarily a given that he was returning as Wicket, or even a new ewok character.

Well, new evidence has come forth that suggests that Davis will indeed be returning as “Wicket.” While not confirmed, and should be taken with a grain of salt, this rumor is simply too good to ignore, so read on for more!

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X-Files Guide

So hey, any of you hear about some little sci-fi/horror TV series from the 90s called The X-Files returning to television next January? Have you always wanted to watch it (because it sounded so awesome, of course) but have never been able to? Well, now is probably the best time to dig into the show for the first time (or revisit, if you haven’t seen it in a while), as it is readily available to stream online, and starting now would really give most anyone ample time to complete the series in time for when the show returns next year.

In light of the new miniseries officially beginning production today, and the likelihood of many people streaming the show over the rest of this year into next, has decided to put together a beginner’s guide to the show, addressing everything a newbie to the franchise should know about The X-Files in order to have a proper understanding of the series and be ready in time for the premiere of the new six-episode limited series. Read on to peruse an introduction to the story of The X-Files (no real spoilers there) its impact on television and pop culture, how to properly watch the series, and what to expect from the new miniseries event next year (and don’t worry I won’t attempt to lay out the alien mythology!).

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Just when it all seemed like it was coming together for Tron 3 (rumored to be titled Tron: Ascension), The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that the sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy just got axed by Disney. Read on for more!

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Bram Stokers Dracula

Dracula was published in 1897 and has since inspired numerous incarnations over all media formats, the most recent being last year’s Dracula Untold. Movies, shows, comic books and more have all had some version of Bram Stoker’s tale told and retold. Of all the movies, which there have been many, it is Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is being rerun this month on the El Rey network (check here for availability) that really stays true to the author’s original story and spirit. Let’s take a look at the two and see how they match up.

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Boba Fett

It has been long-speculated that one of the first stand-alone Star Wars films (currently referred to as the Star Wars Anthology films) would be an origin story about Boba Fett – the bounty hunter that captured Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back and delivered him to Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Today, The Wrap confirms that the second Star Wars Anthology film (no longer directed by Josh Trank) will indeed be all about the Fett. May the 4th be with you!

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Jurassic World

And the trailers just keep coming!

What do you get when you cross a Universal Studios theme park with dinosaurs? Jurassic World, that’s what! Today, Universal released a brand new global trailer for the Colin Trevorrow-directed film, which does go into a little more of the plot than what we’ve seen before, but mainly focuses on showing us tons of action involving these beastly, prehistoric predators chasing down the tourists. It is both every theme park owner’s dream, and every theme park owner’s nightmare all rolled into one, and you can now get an even greater glimpse of it than ever before below!

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Terminator Genisys

Okay, so Star Wars: Episode VII has broken away from the franchise’s traditional May release time frame, so what else is out there in the meantime that can keep movie geeks at bay until The Force Awakens this December? Oh wait, what did you say? Killer robots from the future? Avenging superheroes? Dinosaurs unleashed in a theme park?! A dude named Max that’s apparently still raving mad?!

YES, my friends, there is plenty to look forward to to hold us over, and you can read all about it in’s top 10 list of movies to see this summer!

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batman v superman

Well, Star Wars isn’t the only franchise getting massive hype this week. Zack Snyder’s followup to 2013’s Man of Steel finally has a full trailer out, giving us our first real official look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as our first real idea of how the film will play out. Just how do Superman and Batman meet? Why do they fight? How do they come together to help form Justice League (essentially DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s Avengers)?

Sure, comic book fans love Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and know it inside and out, and yes, this film draws from that material. But the trailer seems to show us something much different than the comic I think. But why are you sitting there letting me tell you all of this? Hit the jump to see for yourself!

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kylo ren

“Chewie, we’re home.”

We certainly are! Sure, the teaser that debuted last November was the perfect way to whet our appetites for Episode VII of the Star Wars saga, but the first full trailer that debuted at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California today is what we’ve all really been waiting for. If you haven’t already checked it out, you [insert Jedi hand-wave gesture here] must watch it now. Hit the jump to view the most incredible trailer for what is surely the most anticipated film of the year!

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