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Source: FOX | New York Times


FINALLY! After over a year of waiting, the Fox network has officially announced that 10 more episodes of the hit television series The X-Files have been ordered, and will air during the 2017-2018 TV season, with production beginning this summer (we probably should’ve taken the hint with the recent audio drama announcement that things were afoot)! Read on for the official press release and more!

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It’s official. This is happening – for real this time. After nearly a decade, the fifth Indiana Jones film has officially been green-lit! Steven Spielberg is set to direct, and Harrison Ford will return to the title role once again! Read on for the official press release!

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Star Wars: Episode VIII

Well, any hopes of getting director Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII in the summer following Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One this December have been shattered. Lucasfilm has made an official announcement regarding the release date, which is now set for December 15, 2017, instead of the original May 26, 2017 date that it was previously slated for. Read on for the official press release!

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The Lone Gunmen

Last July, it was revealed that The Lone Gunmen (played by Bruce Harwood,Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund) would return for the new limited series of The X-Files. Of course, this was shocking news, consider that they were very much dead by the end of the show’s initial run back in 2002. Some speculated that series creator Chris Carter might bring them back in a similar fashion to what was done in the “Season 10” comic series, of which I have since clarified how that plot line really doesn’t work. Chris Carter seems to agree. Read on to find out what he said at the TCA Winter Press Tour about the return of these beloved characters and how they will come back (minor spoilers ahead)!

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Source: THR | Posted By: Dan Geer

X-Files Revival

After being off the air for almost fourteen years, The X-Files will finally return to television with a two-night premiere starting January 24th at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST on Fox (Mondays at 8 PM after that). The hype has been enormous for this six-episode event, much more than for their second feature film back in 2008 (the advent of social media has changed things a bit since then).

Originally, we never though The X-Files would return to television, and fans were actually holding out hope for a third feature film. We still are. Well today, via THR, series creator Chris Carter gives us hope yet again, revealing that he had indeed originally wrote a script for a third film, should 20th Century Fox ever want one. Looks like our suspicions were true after all!

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Source: EW | Posted By: Dan Geer


For fans of The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen were absolute fan favorites. Everyone loved them. They were funny, geeky, smart, paranoid, and always able to get Mulder and Scully out of a pickle. They debuted in the latter half of Season One, and were with the show until the very end. They even had a short-lived spinoff series of their own for a season, but it was unfortunately canceled. Soon after, in the final season of The X-Files, there story came to a close… or so we thought!

EW is reporting that actor Dean Haglund, “Langly” of The Lone Gunmen, has revealed via Twitter than they are indeed returning for the new series next year. Read on to find out more on the return of The Lone Gunmen in The X-Files revival series!

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Are you one of the thousands of fans of Chris Carter’s Millennium TV series that wonder why the series is still not streaming on Netflix? After all, Carter’s The X-Files has already been streaming there for years now, allowing more and more people to discover the show who didn’t watch it when it aired. Not only that, but Millennium was the only other truly successful TV series Chris Carter created, gaining better ratings than many shows that stay on the air today. Let’s face it – Millennium was the original crime procedural series that paved the way for similar shows like CSI or Criminal Minds, and tackled much deeper and darker themes than any other shows that followed in the footsteps of Millennium. With so many other sub-par TV shows and movies currently streaming on Netflix, it makes all the sense in the world for a quality show like Millennium to enjoy a firm place there as well.

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christopher lee

After a long and prolific career and very full life, legendary actor Chrisopher Lee has died at the ripe old age of 93. It has been reported that he was admitted to Westminster Hospital in London for “respiratory problems and heart failure,” and passed away soon after on Sunday morning, June 7th. His wife, former Danish model Gitte Kroenckemost, informed the press that she wanted to allow enough time for family to receive the news before making it public. Read on for more on the career of one of the most seasoned actors of our time.

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Source: THR | CinemaBlend | Collider | Posted By: Dan Geer


Just when it all seemed like it was coming together for Tron 3 (rumored to be titled Tron: Ascension), The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that the sequel to 2010’s Tron: Legacy just got axed by Disney. Read on for more!

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Source: The Wrap | Posted By: Dan Geer

Boba Fett

It has been long-speculated that one of the first stand-alone Star Wars films (currently referred to as the Star Wars Anthology films) would be an origin story about Boba Fett – the bounty hunter that captured Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back and delivered him to Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. Today, The Wrap confirms that the second Star Wars Anthology film (no longer directed by Josh Trank) will indeed be all about the Fett. May the 4th be with you!

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