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Written By: Dan Geer

Batman Returns

For kids of the 1970s and early 80s, Star Wars was the big blockbuster movie experience, and rightly so. Nothing was bigger. For me personally, while I technically saw Return of the Jedi in the theater when I was three, I don’t really remember much from that day. I highly enjoyed the films growing up, and even had a few of the action figures, an R2-D2 toy toter, and the original three films on VHS. But I never truly experienced seeing the Star Wars films in the theater until the Special Editions were released in 1997.

It was really the first Batman from 1989 that was my first big blockbuster theatrical experience. Aside from Superman: The Movie (1978), the comic book genre had really disappeared into oblivion with the abysmal sequels in the 1980s. So when Tim Burton’s Batman came along, it was the biggest craze since the Pet Rock, and put comic book movies back on the map. As a kid, nothing was more cool than that film. NOTHING.

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Written By: Dan Geer

Batman v Superman

This is it. The first time both Superman and Batman share the big screen in a live-action film is finally here. Ever since Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comic book series first made its way into the hands of tens of thousands of superhero geeks around the world back in 1986, we’ve all wished and hoped for a live-action book-to-film adaptation of Miller’s story. While of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not that story, it still brings us DC’s two most popular comic book heroes together for the first time in a live-action movie that is very much inspired by Miller’s story, and that is something we need to step back, breathe, and be grateful for. Even ten years ago, I would’ve completely denied it as a possibility that we would ever get a film like this. Yet somehow, here we are – and it brought a big smile to my face.

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Source: EW | Posted By: Dan Geer


For fans of The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen were absolute fan favorites. Everyone loved them. They were funny, geeky, smart, paranoid, and always able to get Mulder and Scully out of a pickle. They debuted in the latter half of Season One, and were with the show until the very end. They even had a short-lived spinoff series of their own for a season, but it was unfortunately canceled. Soon after, in the final season of The X-Files, there story came to a close… or so we thought!

EW is reporting that actor Dean Haglund, “Langly” of The Lone Gunmen, has revealed via Twitter than they are indeed returning for the new series next year. Read on to find out more on the return of The Lone Gunmen in The X-Files revival series!

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Source: | The Daily Beast | X-Files News | X-Files Lexicon | Posted By: Dan Geer

The X-Files Limited Series

After it was revealed at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour that the success of the limited run season of 24 (titled 24: Live Another Day) spawned discussions at Fox about bringing back the TV network’s other mega-hit series The X-Files in a similar fashion – fans of the show from all over the world got excited. REALLY excited. After all, 20th Century Fox’s attempt in 2008 at a second feature film of the show, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, did not do nearly as well at the box office as the studio had hoped, and the situation all but sealed the deal on there ever being a third feature, let alone one that would wrap up the miscellaneous loose ends left open at the end of the series’ run back in 2002.

Recently, rumors fluttered the internet claiming that a green light was imminent for The X-Files to return to television in the limited run format that Fox chairman and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman suggested back in January. Today, after years of fan campaigning, it has been made official. Read on for the official press release and more!

(Article updated with comments from Chris Carter below)

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Source: IGN | X-Files News | Posted By: Dan Geer

gillian_anderson_x files

About every few months, another interview with David Duchovny, Chris Carter, or some other cast or crew member of The X-Files surfaces discussing the possibility of a third film in the franchise, particularly one that would conclude the ever-popular “alien colonization” mythology storyline that the TV series first set into motion in the early 90s.

This time, we’re back at it with Gillian Anderson, who recently commented on the matter in an interview with IGN, saying that it’s possible the third film would not be about the alien mythology, and that, if the film happens, it probably won’t be until 2016. Read on for more!

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Source: Yahoo! Movies | Posted By: Dan Geer

Marvel has really been on a role these last few months. Iron Man 3 was a huge hit, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. scored huge ratings for television this past Tuesday, and November 8th will see the debut of Thor: The Dark World. In order to prep us for the sequel to 2011’s Thor, Yahoo! has released a short featurette that doesn’t really tell us anything new, but does get us excited for the film nonetheless with a little bit of new footage from the film, and brief interviews with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). Hit the jump to check it out!

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Source: IDW | Comics Alliance | X-Files News | Posted By: Dan Geer

For X-Philes who have been waiting patiently to see what happens after The X-Files: I Want to Believe, they will be getting the next best thing to a third feature film very soon.

IDW, the company behind 2009’s incredibly awesome X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover comic series (co-published by DC/Wildstorm), has announced that they are creating a whole new line of comics for The X-Files, picking up right where I Want to Believe left off. Not only that, but the company is also reprinting the classic Topps and DC/Wildstorm X-Files comics that ran sporadically from 1995-2009. Read on for official statements from IDW and Fox staff members.

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Written By: Dan Geer

Back in 1993, Chris Carter was a new name to the television business when he delivered the pilot episode for The X-Files, a science-fiction series that raised the stakes for what could be done with fictional storytelling on TV, and gradually became one of the Fox network’s biggest hits. By the time the show’s third season rolled around, it was clear to Fox that Chris Carter had practically become a household name, and that any new series with his name on it could potentially give the network its next groundbreaking success. In light of this revelation, Fox decided to give Carter another crack at developing something entirely new for the network that might captivate audiences just as much, if not more than The X-Files. Millennium was Carter’s bold response to that challenging proposition.

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Source: Back to Frank Black | Fourth Horseman Press | Posted By: Dan Geer


It has been a while since’s last report regarding the Back to Frank Black campaign and their efforts to get a movie made based on Chris Carter’s much beloved cult TV series Millennium, which starred actor Lance Henriksen (The Terminator, Aliens) as the main character, Frank Black, and ran for three seasons on the FOX network before it was canceled in 1999. While a movie still has yet to be green-lit, whether in the form of a feature film or TV movie, the movement still continues to gain support from Carter, Henriksen, series producer Frank Spotnitz, and countless fans all around the world.

BTFB‘s latest effort comes in the form of an extensive companion book to the series titled Back to Frank Black: A Return to Chris Carter’s Millennium, slated for release by the end of this month. The book includes forwards by Henriksen and Spotnitz, as well as an introduction by Carter. The book’s content consists of a number of interviews with the cast and crew from Millennium, including writers Glen Morgan and James Wong (who wrote some of my favorite episodes from the show), and even boasts an essay written by fan-favorite Brittany Tiplady, who played Frank Black’s daughter. Also included are various essays from a number of well-respected authors with a wealth of knowledge regarding the TV series, including award-winning media critic John Kenneth Muir, who recently published Horror Films of he 1990s last year.

For Millennium enthusiasts, this book is definitely a must-have, and a great way to show that the fanbase behind the series is still very much alive and well, and continues to gain new fans to this day. For a refresher of what the show was all about, as well as more info regarding the new book, hit the jump for a short video and press release!

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Source: MTV | Posted By: Dan Geer

batman the dark knight returns

Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is one of the most popular graphic novels in comic book history. When it first debuted in 1986, it redefined what could be done with the character, and took him to darker places than ever before.

Now, the highly-acclaimed graphic novel is being brought to life in a new two-part DC Comics animated film coming to blu-ray and DVD, with Part 1 arriving on September 25th. If you are unfamiliar with the story of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, hit the jump to read the synopsis and view the first trailer for Part 1!

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