Hello, and welcome to PopcornMonster.com!

While most movie websites post news, reviews, editorials, trailers, and behind-the-scenes videos for films and TV shows from every genre, the content of this particular website has been stripped down to more geek-friendly material, focusing more on science-fiction, fantasy, action, and even a bit of horror. If you are like me, and really don’t care much for romantic comedies, musicals, dramas, etc., and going to the movies is mostly about escapism and being entertained, then this is the blog for you.

More importantly, not only does PopcornMonster.com cater to your inner geek, but it also aims to drastically tone down the cynicism that so often permeates modern moviegoing audiences. The internet, while it is a great tool, is also, in my humble opinion, the primary source of the apparent growth in negativity and cynicism in the world today. It has given people the ability to dish out raw emotion at the drop of a hat, and it spreads like an infectious disease. Social media and message forums have turned so many people into cynical, pretentious monsters, simply because the smallest negative voice (whether individual or collective) can now influence the entire world in a matter of seconds. Movies, just like any other topic of conversation, have fallen victim to this uninformed way of thinking for decades, but it is much much more influential now than ever before.

PopcornMonster.com is not just about movie news or reviews. It’s about optimism. It’s about maintaining a sense of balance when it comes to critiquing films, and not confusing critical thinking with cynical nitpicking. It’s about stepping back and giving the filmmaker the benefit of the doubt before flat out crucifying his/her work. It’s about the realization that, while a movie can very well be flawed, so can one’s initial perception of it. It’s about understanding that there is nothing wrong with forgiving certain flaws and loving an imperfect film, just so long as we know and understand what a “perfect” movie is.

To put it plainly, PopcornMonster.com is all about restoring the joy of movies. After all, if it’s not fun anymore, then what’s the point?

– Dan Geer
Webmaster & Editor-in-Chief