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Source: Collider | Posted By: Dan Geer

Blair Witch

Collider has debuted a new trailer for Blair Witch, and it is definitely not to be watched if you have claustrophobia (you’ll see why if you dare to watch)!

Acting as more of a direct sequel to 1999’s smash it The Blair Witch Project (because who cares about the terrible Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2?), this third film in the franchise revolves around a character named James who sets out on a mission to find out what happened to his sister Heather –  the woman who went missing in the original 1999 film.

The movie has really been getting a lot of positive buzz ever since the movie was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con (it was originally titled The Woods to maintain secrecy on the project) and screened there in front of an excited crowd. Apparently it is “one of the scariest films ever made,” according to this latest trailer. While I have never believed such claims for any horror movie (and neither should you), this trailer does have me convinced that I won’t sleep after I watch it. Give it a go after the jump!

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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the original Batman TV series that debuted in 1966 starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the famed Caped Crusaders of Gotham City. So what better way to commemorate such a triumph than by releasing an all-new animated movie with West, Ward, and even Julie Newmar (Catwoman) reprising their roles from the original series?! I can’t think of anything.

Entertainment Weekly has provided the first teaser trailer for the movie, which maintains the tongue-in-cheek vibe of the original live-action series, complete with over-the-top dialogue and a hilarious death trap for the Dynamic Duo to escape from. West and Ward do sound older (obviously), but they step right back into their roles as if it were yesterday. Check it out after the jump!

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For the fans who couldn’t attend Star Wars Celebration Europe this year that whined about not being able to view the Rogue One trailer that premiered exclusively for Celebration attendees there, at least they were able to view the latest public trailer that just debuted during the Olympics, right? Well, even if they missed it tonight, they can still watch it here. Can we all get along now?

This second trailer release packs all the punches and definitely shows us why we all should be looking forward to the first stand-alone live-action Star Wars movie. Rogue One really looks to be that fresh take on the Star Wars galaxy that we’ve all been dying to see. Check it out below!

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