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Written By: Dan Geer

Batman v Superman

This is it. The first time both Superman and Batman share the big screen in a live-action film is finally here. Ever since Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comic book series first made its way into the hands of tens of thousands of superhero geeks around the world back in 1986, we’ve all wished and hoped for a live-action book-to-film adaptation of Miller’s story. While of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not that story, it still brings us DC’s two most popular comic book heroes together for the first time in a live-action movie that is very much inspired by Miller’s story, and that is something we need to step back, breathe, and be grateful for. Even ten years ago, I would’ve completely denied it as a possibility that we would ever get a film like this. Yet somehow, here we are – and it brought a big smile to my face.

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It’s official. This is happening – for real this time. After nearly a decade, the fifth Indiana Jones film has officially been green-lit! Steven Spielberg is set to direct, and Harrison Ford will return to the title role once again! Read on for the official press release!

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Ghostbusters (2016)

Call me crazy, but this looks really good.

The first trailer for Paul Feig’s long-awaited reboot (or is it?) of the Ghostbusters franchise is finally here after many fits and starts over the last decade. Simply titled Ghostbusters, the film stars Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon taking over for the original cast from 30 years ago, battling the paranormal in the great city of New York (what a town!).

Little is known about the plot outside of this trailer, and unfortunately the original surviving cast was never confirmed to reprise their original roles from the first two films, and may just be playing different characters instead. Last we’ve heard, this is apparently not Ghostbusters 3 but rather a total reboot – although the trailer is misleading if Feig is indeed starting over here. But in the meantime, check out the new cast in action as they answer the call to chase ghosts, and get a peek at Slimer!

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