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Written By: Dan Geer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Wow. Simply wow.

It is so hard to put into words how it really feels to finally see Episode VII of the Star Wars saga. It’s been 32 years since Return of the Jedi, and over a decade since Revenge of the Sith, which we thought was going to be the very last Star Wars film we’d EVER see. As far as we knew, George Lucas was done. And he’s still done, but just not in the way we all thought.

Lucas of course made the decision to step out of the Star Wars sandbox and let other talent play in it, which caught us ALL by surprise. Selling the Lucasfilm rights over to Disney, Lucas handed the company over to long-time friend and film producer Kathleen Kennedy to lead the charge into a whole new era of Star Wars – one that takes us back to its roots. And it all started by bringing back The Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan to pen the screenplay, and hiring J.J. Abrams to direct. I couldn’t have imagined a more brilliant team to kick off the sequel trilogy  – a trilogy NO ONE thought would ever happen.

This review will not spoil anything for the reader. It is best to let the film unveil it all. Instead, let us just focus on what we can expect, in terms of tone, characters and story. After all, what you’re really reading this for is simply to know one thing: IS IT GOOD?!!!!

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The onslaught of summer movie trailers just doesn’t seem to end as of late. The BFG, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence – all released within the last week (and don’t forget the latest trailer for Batman V Superman that debuted only a few days before that)!

But now that the first trailer for Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond has arrived, “Movie Trailer Week” has probably now come to a close, since most, if not all of these trailers will more than likely be playing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week. Check out the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond after the jump!

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Indpendence Day Resurgence

“We always knew they would come back.” Or did we? Well, at least I never believed we’d actually get a sequel to the beloved 1996 hit Independence Day. But here we are, nearly twenty years later, getting our first look!

Independence Day: Resurgence reunites the original cast from the first film, minus Will Smith (although we do have a new actor, Jessie Usher, playing the son of Simth’s character), and deals with the aftermath of the first film and what Earth has been up for the last twenty years. In a nutshell, Earth anticipated another alien attack might happen at some point, so we used alien technology to prepare for the inevitable. After all, you’ve got to figure there are more out there, and that they’d probably want revenge on the citizens of planet Earth for what happened in the first film. Simple enough.

Hit the jump to check out the first trailer for the film. It looks surprisingly great!

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X-Men Apocalypse

The trailers just keep coming, and this one tops ’em all. The first trailer for director Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse is here, and it is wonderful. The film has a lot to live up to after the genius execution of Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past (especially The Rogue Cut), but if this trailer is any indication of how good Apocalypse will be, it shouldn’t be a problem. This looks fantastic! Hit the jump to check it out!

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Casey Jones

The first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has made its way online. This trailer really looks like it’s going for the same vibe as the last film (which I enjoyed, although I was disappointed in the under-usage of Shredder), so if you’re a fan of what director Jonathan Liebesman did with the first movie, odds are you’ll love what Dave Green will do with the sequel, especially since a ton of fan favorites are making their debut here, including Casey Jones! Check it out below!

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An amazing new teaser for Disney’s The BFG, starring Ruby Barnhill, Bill Hader and Mark Rylance, has landed online, and it comes to me totally unexpected! Based on the popular Roald Dahl book, and directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, this story tells us of a Big Friendly Giant than takes a little girl away off to “the wonders and perils of Giant Country.” It hits theaters next summer. Check it out after the jump!

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We haven’t received a trailer for DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for quite some time. Today we finally received the latest, and it really looks great! Check it out below!

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