Source: Team CoCo | Batman-News | Posted By: Dan Geer


Ever since the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises premiered with select IMAX screenings of Misson: Impossible – Ghost Protocol last month, the voice of Bane (one of the main villains in the film) has become a huge controversial subject around the world, as many complained that his dialogue was incredibly difficult to understand because of the mask he wears in the film. The same happened with the second trailer for the film (although fans were not as vocal about it because there is really only one line of Bane dialogue in the trailer to analyze). As of right now, sources claim director Christopher Nolan is happy with Bane’s dialogue the way it is and only plans to alter the sound slightly.

To poke fun at all the controversy, Conan O’Brien decided to create a spoof of the trailer on his TBS show, Conan, making fun of Bane’s dialogue. The spoof aired last night, and while not nearly as hilarious as some of his comic material, it just might get a chuckle or two out of you. Hit the jump to watch!

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