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Last March, Fox All Access claimed that discussions for a third X-Files film were indeed happening. While X-Philes everywhere wanted to believe, skepticism naturally took hold of some. Whether we believed FAA or not, fans were still looking for confirmation from X-Files creator Chris Carter or someone who would be in the know.

As it turns out, fans finally got an answer today at a charity event held by IBG Inc. (Inspire-Believe-Give) in Beverly Hills, CA where a Q&A session was held with X-Files actress Gillian Anderson and her former co-star David Duchovny, with Chris Carter arriving later to answer some questions as well. Hit the jump to check out what they had to say about The X-Files 3!

X-Files News had live coverage of the event as it unfolded. At one point, a script for The X-Files 3 was discussed between Duchovny and Anderson. Here’s what XFN reported:

David says he wants to keep doing X-Files until he’s in a wheelchair. Gillian asked David if XF3 script is being written. David says ask Chris Carter. His first answer was yes.

If I am interpreting this correctly, it seems that Duchovny was reaffirming at first that a script is being worked on or discussed as he had allegedly claimed in the past, but that the question should be asked again later upon Chris Carter‘s arrival, which is exactly what happened:

Question: is there an XF3 movie in the works. Chris says it’s in discussion. Gillian asking what else we can do. Chris says it’s getting there about XF3. Chris is blown away that after 10 years 200 people are in this room. Chris says ‘Don’t Give Up’. A fan asks why Chris gave away William. William coming back in XF3 has been discussed. Chris says XF3 would be a mythology movie. He says December 21st 2012 sounds like a good release date.

This is absolutely great news for fans. The X-Files 3 is still being talked about and Carter is still pushing for it to get made. He is even discussing bringing back Scully’s miracle child, William, who would be approximately 10 or 11 years old when the third film takes place. He was a pretty big deal in the last couple of seasons, so to have some closure on his character as well as the mythology as a whole would be a great ending to the franchise.

A December 21, 2012 release date would be fitting from a storytelling viewpoint. Not only is it the date the ancient Mayan calender ends, but the day after is the date The X-Files TV series established as the beginning of alien colonization. However, this release date would be one week after the highly-anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is slated to hit theaters. When The X-Files: I Want to Believe hit theaters three years ago, it was one week after the arrival of the box office juggernaut known as The Dark Knight, which aided heavily in destroying anything coming out the weekend after. Whether you loved or hated the second X-Files film, it cannot be argued that releasing it one week after The Dark Knight was a good idea. Releasing XF3 only one week after The Hobbit would just repeat what happened before and kill any chances of the film making a decent amount of money in its opening weekend. I still hold by a September or October release date as being much more safe for the film.

But a release date has not been set, nor has the film been officially green-lit by 20th Century Fox. Nothing is set as of right now. But, given Carter‘s most recent remarks on the subject, Fox Mulder might respond by saying, “Maybe there’s hope.”

Head on over to X-Files News for full coverage of the IBG Inc. event!

  • dangeer

     XF producer Frank Spotnitz has confirmed that there is no movie for 2012 (obviously), but that also there is still a possibility for XF3 to happen, and have it deal with alien colonization.

  • Cody

    Hope this is true, also hope for a 4th,5th,6th,etc maybe even reopen the tv show

  • Moo

    needs to be about aliens. I want a rash of abductions catching Mulders attention

  • K42

    It would be amazing to have another x=files but hopefully it stays with the same original theme

  • Kevin Tresidder

    As a fan since the first episode premiered way back when and watched the series multiple times as well as seeing both flicks enough times I’d love to see a finale to the whole thing. I have to say I’m pessimistic though because X2 was a flop critically and commercially. Also there’s no chance of 2012 release unless Carter can find a way to grease up the studio assembly line but hey as all of our favorite posters says, “I want to believe!”

  • Dan Geer

    Wow, Philly, you’ve seen the show 7 times since last summer?!!!! You might have been a late bloomer, but that’s flippin’ hardcore! You are definitely a true X-Phile.

  • Philly

    I am a late bloomer to the XFiles. last summer I saw the series for the first time and cant get enough of it. I probably saw the series at least 7 times!!! mulder and scully are the two most lovable characters in history. I am so ready for xf3, and they need to bring back not only the 2 main characters but also william, skinner, reyes ,dogget,price,jeff spender and alex krychek and mr.x as ghosts helping mulder and scully out. if they can fit the smoking man in this… this will be a bonus. let me know if i missed anything. plus I would want to spend 2 more hours watching the hot ass dana scully bust some government conspiracy ass!!!

  • Dan Geer

    I know, it’s agonizing. I want this film so badly! However, if they don’t get the film out there this year, the story could still be told as a 2012 flashback story next year. It could tell the story of just how 2012 really went down, with Mulder and Scully halting the alien apocalypse before it happens. The world went on as usual after December 21, 2012, not even knowing what almost hit them, and Mulder and Scully are the reason why the world was kept safe. Solid gold right there. :) I’d still pay to see that.

  • BDK

    If they miss the 2012 alien invasion, end of the world scenario I’m done. This bickering back and forth with the studio has worn me down to the point I almost don’t care anymore.

  • connorsnake

    yes i also think – at least as much as Fight the Future The X-Files 3 will make a good einding for the mythology of x-files

  • Dan Geer

    Oh yes, I definitely agree there. However, this film will probably need a bit more time to make considering this will deal with alien colonization and will most likely contain more special effects than in IWTB. It won’t be on an Independence Day scale, but I’m sure more effects work will be needed – at least as much as Fight the Future, I would think.

  • connorsnake

    Multiple sources over the last year have stated they are writing it including Fox All Access. As for the time-line, keep in mind that the IWTB greenlight was announced in late October 2007 and filming began on December 10th 2007. Filming wrapped on March 15th 2008 and it was released on July 25th 2008. So it’s not impossible and it’s happened for “The X-Files” before.

    All that to say, there is still time

  • AJ

    Man, I hope so.

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