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Source: IBG Inc. | X-Files News | Posted By: Dan Geer


Last March, Fox All Access claimed that discussions for a third X-Files film were indeed happening. While X-Philes everywhere wanted to believe, skepticism naturally took hold of some. Whether we believed FAA or not, fans were still looking for confirmation from X-Files creator Chris Carter or someone who would be in the know.

As it turns out, fans finally got an answer today at a charity event held by IBG Inc. (Inspire-Believe-Give) in Beverly Hills, CA where a Q&A session was held with X-Files actress Gillian Anderson and her former co-star David Duchovny, with Chris Carter arriving later to answer some questions as well. Hit the jump to check out what they had to say about The X-Files 3!

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Source: Yahoo! Movies | Posted By: Dan Geer

Red Tails

George Lucas‘ film Red Tails has actually been in development over the course of 20 years. Now, after all this time, we finally have a trailer for the film! Directed by first time filmmaker Anthony Hemingway and produced by George Lucas, Red Tails chronicles the story of the Tuskegee Airmen – the first African-American fighter pilots to fly in a combat squad during World War II.

This is the first film from George Lucas in a while that isn’t Star Wars or Indiana Jones, and it looks really cool to say the least. Some pretty high-profile stars are in the picture, including Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Bryan Cranston. It hits theaters nationwide January 20 2012, but you can check out the official trailer after the jump right now!

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Source: Deadline | Posted By: Dan Geer

Frank Darabont

This news comes as a bit of a shocker, but Deadline is reporting that Frank Darabont has stepped down as showrunner for AMC‘s The Walking Dead. What is strange is that Darabont was present at San Diego Comic-Con‘s panel for the show just this past Friday alongside executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead graphic novel). Read on for details. (Update: Glen Mazzara is indeed the new showrunner. Read on for the latest!)

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Source: Collider | Posted By Dan Geer


While Sam Raimi may be serving as producer on the new Evil Dead remake, his current directing job is a prequel to L. Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Titled Oz the Great and Powerful, the film stars James Franco as a small-time magician for a traveling circus with “dubious ethics” who finds himself transported to the land of Oz where he eventually becomes the “Wonderful Wizard” from Baum’s original classic story.

Also starring Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Abigail Spencer and Joey King – the film just started principal photography in Pontiac, MI this week at Raleigh Michigan Studios. You can read the official plot synopsis (which, by the way, reveals the real name of the “Wizard”) within the press release after the jump!

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The final trailer for Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes was unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, which features a montage of action footage from the climactic final act of the film. While the action is cool, I have to say that I was much more impressed with the third trailer that debuted a couple of weeks ago that featured more of the character moments with Caesar, played by Andy Serkis (Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings). If you have not yet seen that trailer, click here to check it out, because I have the feeling that it gives us a better idea of just how great this film could be. If you already have seen it, then hit the jump to view the final, action-packed trailer for the film!

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Source: AMC | Posted By: Dan Geer

Walking Dead Season 2

AMC has officially announced that its hit post-apocalyptic zombie series, The Walking Dead will return to your TV screen on October 16th! Not only that, but a killer new trailer was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con that clocks in at over four and half minutes! It is now online for all to see, so hit the jump to watch!

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Star Wars Blu-ray

Every geek in the world knows that San Diego Comic-Con is the place to be right now for all the latest in movie, TV and comic book fandom. So of course, Star Wars always has a huge presence there, and fans that attended the Star Wars Fan Movie Awards there actually got the chance to take a peek at some of the deleted scenes that will be included in the upcoming release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray. The best news is that, even if you weren’t able to be there, the clips have been made available to watch online! Hit the jump to geek out!

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Source: The Playlist | We Got This Covered | Posted By: Dan Geer


The Playlist is reporting that Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, has been pushed back from its December 2012 release to June 14, 2013. Why, you ask? Read on for details.

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Source: The Hobbit Facebook | Posted By Dan Geer

The Hobbit_Thorin

The third production video is now online for The Hobbit films, currently being filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. In the video, the cast and crew talk about their first few months of filming. We get a great, and often times comedic look at all of the dwarves, and we see some great footage of Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) working with Andy Serkis (Gollum) in Gollum’s cave. The video will be embedded here when it becomes available, but for now, it can be found at The Hobbit Facebook page. This has got to be the best Production Video they’ve released so far, especially since there are a couple of surprise guests that stop by to pay the set a visit! Click here to check out the video!

Update: The video is now embedded below. Hit the jump to watch!

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Amazing Spider-Man

The first trailer for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man has debuted online a bit early. This is essentially a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, retelling the origin story of Marvel’s web-slinging superhero. Interestingly enough, the trailer focuses more on Peter Parker’s parents and how Peter came to live with his Aunt and Uncle – something that Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man films never really elaborated on. I’m not too sure the darker tone they’re going for suits Spider-Man, and the Spider-Man P.O.V. sequence at the end could use a bit more rendering. But, the film does look good, and also different enough from the original 2002 film to make it worth watching. Check out the trailer after the jump!

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