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Green Lantern

While the first trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern movie from Warner Brothers was met with mixed reactions (mostly due to some CGI effects feeling a bit incomplete), recent footage that was screened at Wonder-Con this weekend seems to have been much more well-received.

So, for those of you who were not present to see the footage, Warner Brothers has released 4 minutes of it online for all to see! Check it out after the jump!

Watch it in HD over at!

Don’t know about you, but this is definitely in my Top 10 List for movies to see this summer.

Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell, stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character, along with Tim Robbins, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard, The film is slated for theatrical release nationwide on June 17th!

  • Richard Geer

    Been waiting for a Green Lantern movie like– forever! Now it is almost here the preview looks stunning! Can’t wait to see this as it is definitely on my top ten list as well. In fact it might be my #1 pick, although there is a lot of other good stuff coming out this year for folks like us who love this stuff. I just have to wait until all the fallout settles to state actually is the number one flick this summer, but hey lots of anticipation is a good thing and there is certainly plenty of that this year starting with Thor coming first.

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