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Nightmare on Elm Street

FEARnet posted a great Top 10 List that I felt was worth sharing. Yesterday, they posted their Top 10 Greatest Horror Movie Music Themes list, and some great ones were included! Read on for more!

The Top 10 Greatest Horror Movie Music Themes list is in honor of the importance of the music and sound effects that accompany a successful horror film. Music like that from the shower scene in Psycho, Halloween‘s opening titles, and of course Jaws are just a few examples of themes that have proved over time just how important music is in the enhancement of the emotions of the audience watching a film.

The list emphasizes the popularity of these themes and just how ingrained these movie music themes are into the hearts and minds of movie-goers. Some of these themes are so etched into pop culture that people who may not have seen the movies can still identify them.

Some themes on the list include:


Every note and beat of Bernard Herrmann’s score to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece is pure poetry. But there’s one short motif in particular that’s permanently associated with the film’s history-making centerpiece: The Shower Scene.


There’s no better example of music being intimately tied to a horror film’s impact than the opening titles of John Carpenter’s immortal 1978 classic.

Friday the 13th

Harry Manfredini’s original F13 score is a cut above lesser entries, thanks to his skillful use of a very small orchestra and some clever recording tricks like looping and tape echo.

The Omen

The literally apocalyptic compositions for orchestra and choir accompanying The Omen helped turn that film into one of the biggest screen hits of 1976.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

There’s nothing creepier than a childhood nursery rhyme turned upside-down and transformed into something dangerous…

Head on over to FEARnet for a complete list with music clips!


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