Source: Coming Soon has the goods on the new Predators film. They recently sat down with director Nimród Antal and talked about the upcoming sequel to the 1987 classic action movie. Read on for some of the highlights:

“So far, it’s been great, and I think that the fans who may have been underwhelmed by the last two AVP films, I think they’re in for a very pleasant surprise.”

Antal on Robert Rodriguez‘s involvement in the film:

“Robert hired me, so obviously I’m very grateful for him giving me a shot. He is involved in the screenplay and we’ve had a lot of conversations, and any big decisions I want to make, I always speak to him about, but he’s been very gracious and he’s been letting me do my thing. He’s really let me perform and he’s let me dance, so again, I’m grateful to him for that.”

About the film’s special effects, Antal says:

“I think we both recognize that the original film was as good as it was because of the practical, because it was a guy in a suit, because it was the jungle, so we stay true to that. We were in Hawaii for a month in the jungle, so there’s going to be some pretty impressive locations.”

He adds:

“…we are trying to stay with the original as far as the monster and the atmosphere and the tone of the film, but we are trying to do something new and contemporary and feels fresh.”

Regarding the casting of Adrien Brody in the lead:

I think when we cast Adrian, there were a lot of people going, ‘What?’ but at the same time, if we cast a Vin Diesel in that role or if we cast anyone who is Arnold-esque, we would have been attacked for doing that. So we decided early on to go in a very different direction as far as the casting process, but it turned out fantastic. He plays a mercenary in the film and if you look at the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan today, they’re not ‘yolked-out’ Schwarzenegger-looking guys. They’re all very wiry and thin guys, and I think it’s going to play well.”

Nimród Antal’s film Armored, opens December 4th and stars Laurence Fishburne, Matt Dillon, Jean Reno and Columbus Short. Perhaps this film will give Predator fans an idea of what Predators will be like…

…I just wanna see some frickin’ Predators duke it out.

Predators is slated to hit theaters nationwide July 7, 2010. Head on over to for the rest of the interview!

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